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Working on breaking the cycle of poverty since our inception


Since our establishment in 2007, the foundation has always focused on promoting social development through human capital development projects.


Our conception of human capital is derived from the World Bank definition “Human Capital consists of the knowledge, skills, and health that people accumulate throughout their lives, enabling them to realize their potential as productive members of society”.

To date, the foundation has funded over 17 university bursaries, 8 beneficiary organizations and continues to look for more innovative ways to increase our impact. 


Laugh & Learn Educare was established
in 1999 as Educare Centre-based Early
Childhood Development (ECD) model.


The school caters for learners between
3-6 years old living in Duncan Village,
Amalinda and the surrounding area


iSTEAM, a non-governmental organisation established to empower youth in
innovation, science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics, understand
the complexities of the future knowledge-based economies.


The Cortex Hub is the home for innovative start-ups building socially impactful solutions.


Established in 2014, The Cortex Hub caters to entrepreneurs based in the Eastern Cape. 

SCCI (4).png

Sol-Con Conservation Institute(SCCI) is a non-profit organisation of the Sol-Con gallery, a gallery that was founded and officially launched in 2015. 


SCCI intends to make a difference in African societies at large, by capturing and keeping record of precious reflections of a nation in the form of arts and culture.


The National Film and Video Foundation and The Cortex Hub partnered to create the Film Hub, an incubator/accelerator aimed at promoting the development of the South African film and media industry through the use of technology.

The Robotics Lab.png

The Robotics Lab is a Cortex Hub initiative that educates primary school students about STEM through the use of Robotics.  


The Lab runs classes where students are given an opportunity to dive deep into the wonders of the world of robots. Each student who joins the program is given a Wonder Dash Robot to help them develop coding literacy both in and out the classroom

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